01. January 2015

In January of 2015 Elias was working for a personal injury law firm known as Avrek Law in Newport Beach CA as an intake Specialist.

02. March 2018

In March of 2018 Elias decided to explore other opportunities and began to work as a contractor for various law firms assisting them with their personal injury work.

03. March 2020

In 2020 at the height of when COVID-19 started to take off, Elias decided that now was the right time to start F.I.S  Go figure, during a time of grave uncertainty, he still decided to step out and make his dreams come true.

Currently 01/01/2022 

Currently, Elias has a network of over 300 Investigators serving the State of California. He has 1 office location and is working to improve his reach within California.


Without trust, we will not be able to complete the work that we do at the levels that we do it in. We understand that law firms rely on secrecy and many other trustworthy factors in order to begin some sort of partnership. Rest assured, that we will make sure that this is apart of our DNA.


We believe in being effective, resilient and adaptive. The under current in which we wok with is consistency. We will not offer a service unless we believe that we in fact can deliver on this service. This makes us reliable during the peak times and one off times. 


Frontier Investigations was created for one purpose and one purpose only. We are creating services that serve as a Frontier (reaching new horizons) for the communities we serve. We believe in technology and we believe that this technology will be something great for the ones we serve.


Last but not least, Integrity. We believe in being honest even though it may not be convenient. We still promise to be clear and direct, while always offering a solution for the problem at hand. If we mess up, we will do our best to correct the issue at hand.