At F.I.S
we make it our business to ensure you win.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions. 

“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”

― Elon Musk

We Pride Ourselves in Taking Responsibility to the Highest Degree: (Some statements we live by)

  • You can only move as far as your team is able to move with you. 
  • Accept Fault, everywhere, correct the mistakes, and create accountability with the new solution. 
  • Integrity, accompanied by energy and intelligence are good qualities in a candidate, but without the first the last two are highly destructive. 

Working with Frontier Investigations as a contract investigator has helped me learn more and more about my rights as an individual. We work as a team and coordinate as a team. Elias really inspires us to grow everytime we talk. 

Jesus Pineda - San Francisco CA

Our office has been alot smoother since dealing with F.I.S in their preliminary client investigations. We really appreciate the fact that they care for us and care for our clients. Whenever we need something done, it happens.

Sid Vargas - Minaie Law Firm

We need our cases done yesterday. They move swiftly and get things done as soon as we need them to complete it. 

 Luis Guerra - Investigator 

who we are

About Frontier Investigations LLC

We pride ourselves on serving our clients as quickly as possible. We understand the urgency that often comes along with the 

uncertainty of your request. Our mission is simple. 

Your client is our client, and we guarantee a high level of service.

lets get in contact with you. 

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We love the people we work with

Our core team

Elias Bello

English and Spanish Legal Case Investigator

Jordan Nogbawe 

Online Marekting Wizard

Rachel Lewis Accounting 

Gusto and Collective Accont Manager

Daniel lewis

PHP/RUBY On Rails Programmer 


Frontier Investigations helps small to medium sized law firms complete investigative reports. We help them reach their clients that typically are not within reach to send someone from their internal team. We make it easy, accessible and quick to process the right documentation as soon as possible. 

Our rates vary depending on the task. We make sure that each job is completed with the right affordability and the right costs in mind. Travel fees and milage, time and effort put into a proper investigation will change the outcome of the price. 

Elias Bello, the owner, started in the personal injury field back in 2013 as an Intake Specialist. He was able to help people by qualifying their cases. Ever since then he has had a keen sense of appreciation for helping people conduct interviews in person. With several training classes underway, he has been able to train more then 300 people all through out California. 

Depending on the work, we can get you projects done within 1-2 days time after they have bee submitted. Just depends on what the request is. Some may turn around the same day.