Security services

At Front Sight Investigation Services, we take care of your private security needs. We only offer a very limited supply scope of services for now but will begin to expand the scope as time progresses. 

On Property security service

We offer in person security services so that your customers and your staff feel comfortable in the workspace that they are in. Depending on the size of the staff we offer a broad list of ways to communicated with our security personnel.  

integrated security service

Recorded statements that will be done while present, we would like to record the story of how it occurred.

mobile security service 

Insurance details will be collected from the adjuster or case manager assigned along with direct phone numbers.

Electronic surveilance

The scene is very important because it allows us to capture the way the accident occurred in real time.  We get the right photography of where each accident occurred.

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You will learn how to:

We protect local businesses in Los Angeles from robbery. 

How we saved businesses from major break-ins. 

Tom - Starlight  industries LLC

"They blew me away with how serious there security skills saved my business from being burned" 

We protect local businesses in Los Angeles from robbery.