Auto Accidents or Slip and Fall Accidents 

Are you a Personal Injury attorney that competes with attorneys left and right  for a client that doesn't know who to sign with? They say things like "I'd like to wait" or "I'd like to think about it?" as they are waiting to take another phone call from their siblings college buddy who's an attorney? 

 We have a solution for you. 

how ?

At Front Sight Investigation Services, we have a network of investigators, throughout the states of California, Texas and Florida. We call on them so that they can swiftly reach any client you request us to see. 

Evidence Collection 

We collect the necessary information for your legal team to carry out the next steps pf the case. We are here to help.

Recorded information

Recorded statements that will be done while present, we would like to record the story of how it occurred.

insurance Contact info

Insurance details will be collected from the adjuster or case manager assigned along with direct phone numbers.

scene and photo information

The scene is very important because it allows us to capture the way the accident occurred in real time.  We get the right photography of where each accident occurred.

document collection 

Both physical copies and photo copies will be collected at the time of each investigation. We will do routine checklist followups.

photos of injuries and records

We know how vital collecting injury photos are for the case. If the client happens to have any bruises or injuries as a result of the accident, it's good to obtain for verification.

Its That Simple.

Let us run through some of the training material that we can add on as a great part of our service. 

We have tons of great people that we have trained that are ready to work in your area now.


We include Integrity as part of our core values because we understand that in this world, the importance of having trust is monumentally huge. We need to earn your trust.


Without training our investigators. We wont last long. We need to develop each and every person that does contract work with our company. We develop and verify the work they do in the process.


Lastly, We need to prove ourselves. Studies show that when you send a case investigator the client is more willing to stay with your firm and not sub you out for the next guy. We'll make sure of it.

C.H.P in Action

We work with law enforcement officers all throughout California and collect report details with these officers and their offices. We actually have a partner who is a retired CHP officer who gives training to our teams on how to properly create reports. 

Los Angeles reports 

Working with one of the largest police agencies in the world is hard enough as it is because things tend to take alot more time to surface. Learn how we tackle these issues. 

Responding to fatal accidents.

We understand that not all personal injury cases will be easy. In fact, we have investigators that know how to tackle these types of investigations. From having Ex Homicide detectives and from M.A.R.T FIU special crimes. We will prepare this case for success. 

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