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Elias Bello

Elias is the owner of and operator of Frontier Investigations LLC. The creation came after being inspired by hard working cadets that attended the California Highway Patrol academy in Sacramento, CA. Elias has always longed for a dream role with the C.H.P since his early ages of being in High School. While pursuing a career with the CHP he worked as an Intake Specialist for law firms in the greater Orange County and Los Angeles area since 2014. He has always had an appreciation for helping others in their most tragic time.

circa 2014 -

Elias joins Avrek Law Firm as a Intake Specialist answering phone calls and qualifying cases to see that there was something we can do to help our clients. At this time Maryam Parman was starting her Super Woman Super Lawyer ad campaign.

circa 2018

Elias decides to start his own brand by branching off on his own by helping personal injury lawyers by signing their clients in person.


Elias gets the bright idea of converting his enterprise into a brand named "Frontier Investigations". Here, he then decides to help law firms in a much larger capacity so that


We include Integrity as part of our core values because we understand that in this world, the importance of having trust is monumental. We need to earn your trust, give us a shot. 


Without training our investigators. We wont last long. We need to develop each and every person that does contract work with our company. We develop and verify the work they do in the process.


Lastly, We need to prove ourselves. Studies show that when you send a case investigator the client is more willing to stay with your firm and not sub you out for the next guy. We'll make sure of it. 

Our Team



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