Elias is the Head Investigator of Frontier Investigation Services. He has a desire of choosing Good when doing business with his partners in the legal realm. From being involved with joining law enforcement, to completing many Field Investigative Reports helping attorneys in the Southern California Region. 

He is currently residing in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and has 1 dog named Cody that he loves the most. 

Jennifer is a hard working case investigator working out of the San Diego County Region where she devotes most of her time helping tons of young Men and Women improving their lifestyle by seeking higher education. In her spare time she is in the process of joining the California Highway Patrol. She also has been attending San Diego State College. 

Abraham was born and raised in Havana, Cuba as a young boy and moved to Caracas, Venezuela at an early age. He currently resides in Redwood City CA and has been working with families that need help with food assistance and helps the homeless in his community in his spare time. He is our lead Bay Area and Sacramento Case investigator. 

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